Product designer and ceramist

After graduating as a product designer (ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Product Design 2007 Arnhem), Fenna Oosterhoff started her own design studio. Fenna’s speciality is ceramics. Her collection consists of tableware, vases, interior accessories, lamps, and more. Clear shapes and functionality characterize her timeless designs.

Fenna is closely involved in the production of her products. Her handcrafted ceramic designs are cast and made in her own studio in Arnhem.

In addition to her own product line Fenna also works in commission. These projects vary from designing and making a new product or business gift to developing and producing a design the client has made. Private individuals who would like a unique, custom made product can contact Fenna too.

“I am fascinated by clear shapes and balanced proportions and I am inspired by materials, patterns and textures that I find in nature and in new techniques. The tactile characteristics of a product appeal to me. How does a product feel? Does it have a smooth or rough surface? The touch sense plays an important role in experiencing my products. This is why I love working with ceramics. It is the perfect material to experiment with form and texture.”

Fenna Oosterhoff


Narda (29 May 2018): ‘What I love about Fenna’s designs is that they are simple and eye-catching at the same time. I especially like the hints to nature. Fenna really stands out at making products that bring a ‘good vibe’ to your interior.’

Daniëlle (24 May 2018): ‘I am a huge fan of Fenna’s designs. They are so pure, and have a unique look. It’s a gift to have them in my home and to share them with family and friends when they visit. The designs radiate tranquility, are connected to nature and they are playful and pure at the same time, each object is an eye-catcher.’