GEOMETRICS necklace Square, turquoise

Porcelain GEOMETRICS Square necklace with an embossed gold luster, 24 carat gold. Do you opt for a black wax cord or a gold ball chain? You can indicate your choice and the desired length of the necklace below.


  • ball chain gold - 40cm
  • ball chain gold - 50cm
  • ball chain gold - 60cm
  • wax cord black
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Treat yourself or someone else with a beautiful porcelain GEOMETRICS Square necklace. The design of the pendant is based on geometric shapes: the triangle, the square and the circle. Three basic shapes that are visible all around us and provide harmony and balance. Striking jewellery created by Fenna’s fascination for geometry and balance and her interest in materials and textures.

The pendant is made of colored porcelain and is embossed with gold luster, 24 carat gold. The pendant comes with a gold colored ball chain necklace (100% nickel free, 1.5mm of 40, 50 or 60cm) or with a black wax cord (0.5mm of 60cm).

The pendants are available in the colors white, black, turquoise, ochre and green. There are three different models: GEOMETRICS Triangle, GEOMETRICS Square and GEOMETRICS Circle.

Weight 6 g
Dimensions 3,2 × 3,2 × 0,5 cm



Turquoise, gold

additional info

Porcelain is very strong, however the product is fragile. Do not let it drop or hit hard objects.


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